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What I love most about Naturopathy

There’s so much to love about naturopathy. I can’t get enough of it, which isn’t too surprising seeing as I’ve dedicated my life to it. Here’s a little peek into my very favourite parts of naturopathy, maybe you will leave here loving it as much me.


The holistic nature

First of all, I love the holistic nature of naturopathy. We aim to find and address the cause of whatever imbalance is occurring, instead of covering it up with a bandaid approach. This doesn’t stop us treating symptomatically when necessary, but we are always working to treat the core of the issue at the same time. We treat the whole person, not just the body systems -I want to help you feel better in a multitude of ways, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, creatively… It’s all important and connected to health and disease.


Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is just so amazing. I think some people don’t realise just how powerful plant medicine is, it’s not a woo-woo thing in the slightest. There’s so much scientific evidence to support the healing (or damaging if used incorrectly!) effects of herbs, let alone the thousands of years of traditional use. Some are soft and nurturing, some are powerful healers, and some are poisonous and deadly. They demand a lot of respect.

I love using liquid herbs to blend elixirs perfectly to the individual’s own needs. It’s not something you can get from a standard herbal or nutritional supplement, it’s something made specifically for YOU! How cool is that?! 


Flower essences

Now when I said herbs aren’t woo-woo, I’ll admit flower essences are. But that’s what I like about them. They are a form of vibrational medicine, so they work on a different sort of level, in the realm of limiting beliefs, confidence issues, money-blocks, deep-seated fears, past life trauma even. To me, herbal medicines give quite physical results, but flower essences have more emotional and spiritual effects. And there’s no doubt in my mind that they work, I’ve experienced amazing results personally with using them and have witnessed huge transformations in others too. The cool thing is that, just like with the herbs, I can personalise the mix to cater exactly to your needs!

I use Australian Bush Flower Essences, so all the flowers I use are from right here in Australia and I feel such a beauty and connectedness from that. Seeing the flowers first hand in nature is like seeing an old friend… with a magical secret.


Traditional medicines & learning about different cultures.

Part of studying naturopathy involves learning about native cultures from around the world and their traditional medicines. I LOVE learning about this! Whether it’s formal learning, watching documentaries, researching online or travelling and learning through personal experience, I just can’t get enough. 


Seeing the plant medicines in nature and using them straight from the earth.

I feel like such a fangirl when I see the plant medicines in real life. When we learn about herbs as naturopaths, we generally always come from a scientific point of view. We learn all about their qualities, the chemical constituents and actions they have, safe and effective dosage ranges and any contraindications or potential dangers. Sometimes we will know the characteristics and functions of a herb really really well, but might not even know what it looks like in its original form. And while the sciencey stuff is all very important and necessary, one of my favourite aspects of plant medicine is the magical elements and seeing how the plant actually looks in real life, not just in a brown glass bottle. So, you could imagine how excited I am when I actually get to see and use the herbs in real life! Foraging for herbal medicines is one of my greatest joys. You can check out a hummus recipe I made with foraged herbs here.


Iridology, tongue and nail diagnosis.

This is just the coolest thing to learn about and use. Who said we didn’t have an instruction manual to our bodies? It’s right there in your eyes, your nails and on your tongue.

Iridology is like a map of your body contained within your eyes, it points out any nurture points in your body that need extra attention, it can show your personality type and it can show genetic traits from three generations back. I can tell a lot about you by just looking at a photo of your eyes! Your tongue and nails can also give some great clues into what is going on in your body.
How cool is the body?! I’m constantly blown away.


The ability to be creative.

I love creating customer experiences and I have such a passion for design and aesthetics. Part of why I’m so happy to be a naturopath is because I can work for myself, create a business to be fully aligned to my values and really prioritise the client experience. Nothing about your naturopathy experience with me is ordinary. From the moment you book in, to the moment you unbox your herbal remedies, everything has been designed with huge attention to detail.


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