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Naturopath for Anxiety Sunshine Coast

Seeing a naturopath for anxiety

Seeing a naturopath for Anxiety and Mental Health is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Here's why...

Coffee & Anxiety – What’s the link?

Coffee & Anxiety – What’s the link?

Welcome toThe BlogCoffee and anxiety, is there a link? From my research and personal experience, I would have to say an overwhelming YES! Anxiety is a condition I treat a lot in my clinic, and one of the first things I do with anxious patients is ask them about their...

Must-read: Nutrition for Vegans

Must-read: Nutrition for Vegans

Welcome toThe BlogPeople often ask me how they can ensure that they don’t develop any deficiencies or miss out on any vital nutrients while following a vegan diet and lifestyle. I just want to preface this by saying I am a firm believer in following the lifestyle and...

Top 3 products to detox your beauty bag

Top 3 products to detox your beauty bag

Welcome toThe BlogNow it might not come as such a surprise, but I have been a keen partaker in the world of non-toxic beauty for a long time. To me, what goes ON your body is just as important as the food that goes IN your body! Our skin is the largest organ we have,...

Just give me some Foot-shaped Shoes!

Just give me some Foot-shaped Shoes!

Welcome toThe BlogThere’s something that I just cannot understand about the fashion industry, and it is... shoes. For a functional item that we wear every day, the shape is just whack. Why is the norm for shoes to be a semi-pointed oval shape? Feet just aren’t that...

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Hi! I'm Emalyse.

I adore everything to do with herbs, health and wellness and am on a constant quest to find more ways to support myself and others to become a glowing beacon of health -and not just for our bodies, but our minds, spirit, emotions and relationships too!

My happiest days are spent helping clients imrprove their health through a mix of holistic traditional medicine and the latest scientific research & functional testing. I like to blend the best of both worlds, and share my years of knowledge with you in the process.


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