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My 3 favourite travel destinations

Now if you don’t know already, I love travelling. I love long trips, short trips, backpacking and more recently a bit more lux trips. I’ve spent a grand total of three years outside of Australia either travelling around or living overseas. And after travelling through 33 countries it's hard to narrow the list down to my top three, but here we go...

Self-care while travelling

Self-care while travelling

Welcome toThe BlogIt’s so easy to forget to take care of yourself properly while travelling, or to push it to the back of your mind and prioritise other things -there’s so many new people, places, opportunities and distractions. So much fun and also so much stress!...

DIY non-toxic deodorant

DIY non-toxic deodorant

Welcome toThe BlogI’ve said this before and no doubt I’ll say it again, if there is any product you should switch to a natural alternative it is deodorant. And the reason? Aluminium. Aluminium is found in commercial antiperspirants as the active ingredient because it...

Travel hair care routine

Travel hair care routine

Welcome toThe BlogSo in my quest to become a minimalist traveller, I wanted to do something revolutionary: use one soap for everything! The same soap for washing my face, washing my hands, washing my hair, washing my clothes... But the more I thought about it, the...

How to pick the perfect foundation for Travelling

How to pick the perfect foundation for Travelling

Welcome toThe BlogBefore leaving on my big adventure, I put in a lot of thought and had a lot of fun choosing everything that would be coming along with me -I would have to carry everything on my back every day so it would have to be worth it! A big portion of my...

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Hi! I'm Emalyse.

I adore everything to do with herbs, health and wellness and am on a constant quest to find more ways to support myself and others to become a glowing beacon of health -and not just for our bodies, but our minds, spirit, emotions and relationships too!

My happiest days are spent helping clients imrprove their health through a mix of holistic traditional medicine and the latest scientific research & functional testing. I like to blend the best of both worlds, and share my years of knowledge with you in the process.


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