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hey there,

I’m Emalyse.

I adore everything to do with herbs, health and wellness and am on a constant quest to find more ways to support myself and others to become a glowing beacon of health -and not just for our bodies, but our minds, spirit, emotions and relationships too!

My happiest days are spent out in the sunshine, working on a creative project, going on adventures or learning more about traditional medicines from around the world. And of course, sharing my knowledge with YOU!

My approach as a naturopath

My style is very science-based and results driven, but I also love to blend the more earthy & alternative sides of naturopathy and herbalism.

You’ll find me suggesting important pathology tests for you & explaining complex biochemistry, but also getting you to draw flower essence  cards. It’s not easy to find health professionals who blend these two sides but it is so core to who I am.

And don’t worry, I’m not going to just throw a bunch of supplements under your nose and say “take these.” I will explain to you at each step what’s important and why, and help you develop your own toolkit so you’re better equipped to know what your body is asking for.

It’s very important that you feel safe and comfortable with me. It’s a 100% judgment free zone in my clinic room, there is absolutely no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about ANYTHING regarding your health or lifestyle habits. Chances are that I have been there too, so I totally get it. In no way am I ever aiming for “perfect”.

What I do aim for is to help you reach the optimal level of health in the areas that are important to you – and to empower you in the process. Your body is incredible, it wants the absolute best for you despite how it can feel sometimes. I’m just here to read the signs and guide you through the healing process.

My core focus is on Mental health, Gut health and Hormones -and you might be surprised by how much is encompassed by that. It’s amazing how many seemingly separate issues are fixed when we sort out the gut, nutrient deficiency & toxicities and sort out our biochemical imbalances.

I’m here to share my naturopathic knowledge from my years training, clinical experience and personal experience. I can’t wait to support you to find the very things that will make YOU glow from the inside out – I live for it!

my health journey,,,

Besides acne & period pain I didn’t think I had too many health issues until…. I started working for a busy naturopathy clinic specialising in mental health and realised I had just about every underlying factor that contributes to mental health issues. 

Suddenly everything started making sense, why I could be so feisty with my partner out of the blue, why my PMS seemed to be out of control, why I was anxious for no reason, the periods of depression, why small things would overwhelm me, why my energy levels were so crap and I had to take so much time out on my own to recharge.

Turns out these “personality traits” were all because of real, measurable (and changeable) biochemical imbalances: gut bacteria, MTHFR gene mutations & histamine imbalances, low DHEA, soaring cortisol, sex hormone imbalances, Pyroluria, high copper, food intolerances & mould exposure.

Hmmm, everything started clicking and falling into place and it completely changed the way I looked at the world. Even though it completely sucks to experience these issues, I’m glad I did because I have personally lived this experience and I totally understand how each one of these feels, the despair it can cause and the joy of seeing the issues resolve. It has changed my life, saved my relationship and taught me a lot about myself. Health and healing is a lifelong process, so I am always walking alongside you.


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5 Things most people don’t know about me:

1.    I have travelled the world, multiple times. I’ve been to 33 countries and lived in the UK.

2.    I have a fluffy black cat named Coco – does that level up my health witch status? Surely.

3.    I was accidentally a web developer for a short (6 month) stint. Yep, I made this website myself from scratch – but would I recommend it? Absolutely not, web development is intense.

4.    If I wasn’t a naturopath I would be a designer.

5.    I really, really love toothpaste – Finding new flavours is a hobby.

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