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DIY non-toxic deodorant

I’ve said this before and no doubt I’ll say it again, if there is any product you should switch to a natural alternative it is deodorant. And the reason? Aluminium.
Aluminium is found in commercial antiperspirants as the active ingredient because it plugs the sweat ducts to stop the flow of sweat out of the skin.

On one hand, it solves the problem of embarrassing sweat patches, but on the other hand, it causes an array of new problems:

1. One of the main purposes of sweat is to carry toxins out of the body, so it’s actually a good thing to have sweat patches! Without this method of detoxifying, the rest of the body is burdened with the extra task of eliminating this waste another way. And that’s not ideal, we want to make it as EASY as possible for the body to get rid of toxins.

2. And another huge red flag: aluminium in deodorant has also been linked to breast cancer because when it is absorbed by the skin it can have estrogen-like effects -and estrogen can promote the growth of breast cancer.

But never fear, you don’t have to sacrifice smelling good to have non-toxic armpits. I have a natural home-made recipe for you to make with ingredients found in your kitchen:

Simple DIY deodorant recipe:


– Bicarbonate Soda
– Coconut oil
– A few drops of your favourite essential oil, I love lemon!
– If you want, you can add in some shea butter for a smoother consistency.


Mix these together until you get your desired consistency, this will change depending on your climate as coconut oil solidifies when it’s cold.
-Just don’t use a bicarb deodorant on freshly shaven armpits, ouch!


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