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How to pick the perfect foundation for Travelling

Before leaving on my big adventure, I put in a lot of thought and had a lot of fun choosing everything that would be coming along with me -I would have to carry everything on my back every day so it would have to be worth it!

A big portion of my planning went to deciding on what will be inside my makeup and toiletry bag, and I would love to share my packing lists and tips because I really loved reading stuff like this when I was in the packing process.

These were my deciding factors:


I was only relatively new to the powder foundation game when I started this quest. I’ve now been using it for a few years now and I have to say I’m loving it -especially in summer or in a hot climate.

It goes on easily and is buildable so you can choose how much coverage you want. And thankfully it’s hard to make it blotchy, which is very handy when doing makeup in a rush or on a train etc. I just feel it’s quite forgiving and can look quite light & natural without putting a lot of effort in. Therefore powder foundation it is!

Sun Protection

Now this is important because sometimes when I go out for the day, I won’t know where I will end up or what I will be doing. More often than not my day involves being outside and incidentally in the sun -And I’m not huge fan of sunscreen so where I can avoid it, I will.

I think its really important to get some sunshine on bare skin regularly for optimal vitamin D levels and mental health, but getting sunburnt isn’t a healthy option. So when it comes to makeup, having inbuilt sun protection is a big tick on my list. No one wants to be sunburnt on holiday!

Natural & Organic

This probably won’t come as much of a surprise, but it is just SO important to be putting nourishing things ON your body as well as IN your body. Foundation covers a pretty big & important surface area, and for a really long time. So many commercial foundations have toxic ingredients that stay on your skin for so long and are absorbed into the bloodstream. -And your face is so close to your brain, that can’t be good.

Merging makeup with skincare is such a good investment!

Size & Weight

Needs to be light and compact so it is easy to pack. I don’t want to be carrying around any extra items than necessary. Of course, the best choice would be no makeup at all, and if you are comfortable with that then props to you!

My Choice

I chose to go for INIKA Loose Mineral Foundation. INIKA is a gorgeous natural & organic makeup brand from Australia, exclusively using ingredients that love your skin. I feel like a goddess using their products, everything is so luxurious!

Their loose foundation is SPF 25, water-resistant and you don’t need to use much of the product to get a nice result. I also don’t need to use concealer or anything else when using this product so its great for a minimalistic makeup bag. All you need to do is put on moisturiser first (so there is something for the powder to stick to) then dust your brush into the powder & buff into the skin in small circles.


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