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Just give me some Foot-shaped Shoes!

There’s something that I just cannot understand about the fashion industry, and it is… shoes. For a functional item that we wear every day, the shape is just whack. Why is the norm for shoes to be a semi-pointed oval shape? Feet just aren’t that shape. Why has this gone under the radar for so long?

To be honest, I never used to think about this either. But in 2015 I jumped on the Birkenstock bandwagon and bought my very first pair of Arizonas to show my feet a little appreciation for all the hard work they do for me. My feet became very happy & accustomed to spreading out in an anatomically correct shoe, and before I knew it my foot shape actually began to change! Into the anatomically correct position that is, so that’s great for my feet, body, posture and balance -not so great for all my other existing shoes though, because their narrow, oval-shaped toe box just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

It was a bit of a miserable, confusing time because I had no idea what was going on or where I could buy comfortable shoes -the shoe world just isn’t designed for a natural foot. It was fine in the summer because my Birkies hit the mark but come winter, I couldn’t find any closed in shoes that would fit me comfortably.

I am a big walker -it is often my chosen mode of transport, exercise and even meditation, so uncomfortable feet are just not okay. And so, I began my search…

And I’ll tell you, the struggle is real. It is VERY hard to find shoes that are anatomically correct or ‘foot shaped’, and even harder to find any up to my style standards. I’ve spent many hours over the past 5 years researching to find shoes that will keep both your toes and your pride comfortable.

Here’s an insider peak into my “favourite foot-shaped shoes” list:

Duckfeet: My favourite winter boots, check out ‘Odense’.

Birkenstock: Where it all began, be careful when selecting their shoes though because I’ve noticed some of the newer ranges have a (dare I say,) narrow toe box- the horror!

Lems: Check out their boulder boots -very light and comfortable.

Nature footwear: Probably the most stylin’ sneaker out there in the foot-shaped community.

Vivo Barefoot: Check out their new ‘Chelsea Boot’

Altra: For running shoes.

KEEN: For hiking boots.

I hope this list can help you to keep your shoes on point, well, actually the opposite.
Now, I would LOVE to hear from you, -has something similar happened to you? Do you take toe box into consideration when buying your shoes? Do your toes hurt when you walk long distances? Do you know any other great foot-shaped shoe companies?
Let me know in the comments!


  1. Jessica Hall

    I too am on the search for winter-friendly shoes that don’t squish my feet after a summer in Birkenstock’s. I recommend Aurora Shoes. Pricy – but the style is simple enough and the shoes comfy enough that you can wear them lots. They are not barefoot shoes, but are foot-shaped!

    • Emalyse

      Ah amazing, I will have to take a look at them. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. James

    You asked a great question but provided no details or background.
    Why is it so hard to find natural shaped shoes remotely in my size ,12?

    • Emalyse

      Because of the unfortunate fashion trends leaning towards narrow toe boxes. Check out the companies I listed and you might have some luck there 🙂 -All the best!


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