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Top 3 products to detox your beauty bag

Now it might not come as such a surprise, but I have been a keen partaker in the world of non-toxic beauty for a long time. To me, what goes ON your body is just as important as the food that goes IN your body! Our skin is the largest organ we have, it keenly absorbs whatever we put on it and a percentage of that might just end up in our bloodstreams, causing an array of problems down the line.
Don’t believe me? Let’s take a moment to think about the efficacy of nicotine patches.

In a perfect world, everything that goes in or on your body would be as pure, organic & magical as an angels’ warm embrace. But I understand that sometimes it’s hard to make the switch from your favourite perfume or that kick-ass highlighter.

Some items are much higher up the ladder of “Get this the heck out of your bathroom” when it comes to commercial or ‘toxic’ beauty products. When figuring out which ones you need to switch out first, take the following considerations: How often is it used, how much of my body/skin is being exposed, how long is it on my skin for and how toxic is the product.


My top 3 non-negotiatiables for toxin-free beauty are:


Now, if you think about this for long enough, you may never want to use a commercial moisturiser ever again. This is a product many of us slather over our entire skin surface area daily AND the whole point of this product is that it absorbs into the skin! And with so many gorgeous natural products on the market, there’s really no reason not to make the switch. Common toxic ingredients include; Phthalates (hormone disrupters), Parabens (also hormone disrupters) and Triethanolamine (skin & respiratory irritant), so keep an eye out for those.


This one is another critical non-toxic beauty essential as foundation’s sole job is to stay on your skin for hours and hours until you decide its time to wash it off. To add to this, skin health and issues like dermatitis, acne, dryness & oiliness are very closely linked with what you put on your face. There are plenty of great natural and non-toxic makeup brands nowadays, so you don’t have to compromise.


Now if there was one product that I wished EVERYONE in the entire world would use a natural alternative for, it is deodorant. Check out this blog post to read about why even the idea of using an antiperspirant sends shivers down my spine.


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