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Nighty Night Tea


Mim Beim Herbal Teas | Nighty Night Tea | 50 tea bags

Poor sleep leaves you feeling tired and grumpy, impacting on your health, hormones and immune system. This delicious herbal tea will soothe insomnia, restless nights and can help calm your nerves.


  • Features withania, Californian poppy, chamomile, ginger, valerian and other traditional herbal ingredients
  • Taste: earthy, mellow


  • Steep 1 teabag in boiled water for 3 – 5 mins
  • Drink before bed, or any time through the day to de-stress and settle frayed nerves
  • Add honey if desired
Californian poppy, zizyphus, valerian, withania, licorice, skullcap, chamomile, hops, cardamom, ginger, rosehips, red rose petals.

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