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Custom Flower Essence


Flower essences are truly a slice of magic. They are vibrational remedies that help you work through your feelings, emotions, spiritual blocks and self-limiting beliefs. The effect of essences is similar to meditation, in the way that they help us access the wisdom of our higher self. They work in the background to help process trauma, clear energetic blockages and resolve the issues that had been weighing us down.

Each Flower Essence has a different healing attribute and I will personally select the perfect combination to tailor your personalised blend to your specific needs.

How does the mini-consult work?

Once you have purchased the Flower Essence mini-consult you will receive an email with a link to a short questionnaire. Fill this out as detailed as you can, and I will then use this information to create your tailored blend. Your personalised Flower Essence blend will then be shipped out to you.

How to use
Place 7 drops under your tongue morning and night (on rising and retiring) and feel free to use more as you need throughout the day. For extra benefit you can add 7 drops to your water bottle to sip throughout the day, add 7 drops to your bathwater and even add a few drops to your moisturiser -bliss!

Shipping is $9.90 within Australia.