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Must-read: Nutrition for Vegans

People often ask me how they can ensure that they don’t develop any deficiencies or miss out on any vital nutrients while following a vegan diet and lifestyle. Here is a cheat sheet to make sure you get your nutrient quotas in...


DIY non-toxic deodorant

DIY non-toxic deodorant

Welcome toThe BlogI’ve said this before and no doubt I’ll say it again, if there is any product you should switch to a natural alternative it is deodorant. And the reason? Aluminium. Aluminium is found in commercial antiperspirants as the active ingredient because it...

Just give me some Foot-shaped Shoes!

Just give me some Foot-shaped Shoes!

Welcome toThe BlogThere’s something that I just cannot understand about the fashion industry, and it is... shoes. For a functional item that we wear every day, the shape is just whack. Why is the norm for shoes to be a semi-pointed oval shape? Feet just aren’t that...

Travel hair care routine

Travel hair care routine

Welcome toThe BlogSo in my quest to become a minimalist traveller, I wanted to do something revolutionary: use one soap for everything! The same soap for washing my face, washing my hands, washing my hair, washing my clothes... But the more I thought about it, the...

How to pick the perfect foundation for Travelling

How to pick the perfect foundation for Travelling

Welcome toThe BlogBefore leaving on my big adventure, I put in a lot of thought and had a lot of fun choosing everything that would be coming along with me -I would have to carry everything on my back every day so it would have to be worth it! A big portion of my...

My best life advice

My best life advice

Welcome toThe BlogWhat’s the greatest obstacle holding you back from your dream life? Is it money? Your job? Lack of opportunity? Funnily enough, the biggest obstacle holding us back is often ourselves. We have pre-determined and conditioned ideas about who we are,...

About the blogger: Emalyse Cosh the Naturopath

Hi! I'm Emalyse.

I adore everything to do with herbs, health and wellness and am on a constant quest to find more ways to support myself and others to become a glowing beacon of health -and not just for our bodies, but our minds, spirit, emotions and relationships too!

My happiest days are spent out in the sunshine, working on a creative project, going on adventures or learning more about traditional medicines from around the world. And of course, sharing my knowledge with YOU!
I’m glad you’re here.